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Meet Chef Emjay

Emjay grew up eating delicious, culturally rich foods cooked by two of his aunts and adopted parents who were Puerto Rican. This inspired him to create his own delightful takes on what he enjoyed as a child. His experience cooking in big cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, all well-known for outstanding cuisine, gave him the chance to learn various different styles and create his own unique hybrids. At Adeline Collective, he's perfected a table to farm menu of southern favorites that you can't find anywhere else. 

Emjay is a graduate of the International School of Culinary Arts in San Francisco and has worked for Michael Mina, Emeril Lagasse, and several Las Vegas casinos.




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Every month our gallery will feature a new local artist.

Art Murmur

This Month's featured artists

*May Levy*

Digital artist/photographer based in New Orleans. 

Kaniela Akuna

Member of Fam Collective~ "If you start the ripple, then ride the wave"

Original Timber Company

Designs and manufactures unique furniture, eyewear and leather accessories

Jacqueline's Spa

Providing unlimited bliss for the mind body and soul~ "walk in and float out"

Resident DJ

DJ slim~ SFCxOAK  

Featured Edibles 

Potlava Creations~  pastry inspired by providing healthier yet tasty way to enjoy desserts 

Coffee Bar

Locally sourced beans roasted fresh daily 



Adeline Collective Team

Jyoti Rani


Hugo Montoya


John Price

 Farm Manager

Imari Mubaraka

Event Curator

Jorge Ibarra

Kitchen Manager

Table to Farm

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